Currency exchange rates as at 30.05.2016
We buy 19600.0 21800.0 295.0 28700.0 2950.0
We sell 19850.0 22100.0 301.0 29300.0 3010.0
Currency conversion rates as at 30.05.2016
EUR / USD 1.1
EUR / RUR 72.5
USD / RUR 65.0
Belarus National Bank exchange rates as at 31.05.2016
USD US Dollar 19 788.0
EUR Euro 22 001.0
RUR Russian Rouble 299.4
Precious metal prices as at 30.05.2016
Gold 1 gr. Silver 10 gr. Platinum 1 gr.
We buy 750 000 - -
We sell 970 000 270 000 980 000
Currency exchange rates as at 30.05.2016 USD — 19600.0 / 19850.0 EUR — 21800.0 / 22100.0 RUR — 295.0 / 301.0 GBP — 28700.0 / 29300.0
Belarus National Bank exchange rates as at 31.05.2016 USD — 19 788.0 EUR — 22 001.0 RUR — 299.4
We buy — We buy We sell — We sell

About us

Belvnesheconombank Open Joint Stock Company is a universal credit and financial institution. With many years of experience and established reputation both in international and domestic money markets to its credit, Bank BelVEB OJSC holds a leading position among commercial banks in the Republic of Belarus in international settlements, foreign exchange transactions and foreign trade financing of state agencies and businesses.

Bank BelVEB OJSC operates in accordance with the following licenses:

  • License of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus No. 6 dated 12/27/2013 to perform banking operations;
  • Special Permit (Licence) of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus No. 02200/5200-124-918 dated June 29, 2002, and valid until June 22, 2022, to perform professional and stock exchange operations with securities;
  • Special Permit (Licence) of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus No. 02200/21-00884 dated June 23, 2010, and valid until June 22, 2015, to perform professional and stock exchange operations with securities

As at 04/02/2015, the Bank's branch network comprised 19 branches, including 5 branches in regional capitals, 3 branches in Minsk, and 11 branches in major cities across the country. The Bank's subsidiaries include Belvneshstrakh Insurance Company, International Energy Center, Mir Fitnesa and Vnesheconomstroy subsidiary companies and Sivelga associated company.

Bank BelVEB OJSC Authorized Capital is registered at Br 1 174 075 million. Among Bank BelVEB OJSC shareholders, there are about 430 legal entitiesand over 43 000 natural persons.

Pursuing its key lines of business, Bank BelVEB OJSC, all through its history of business operation, has held leading positions within the country's banking industry in rendering export and import payment services and financing foreign trade transactions. This is evidenced by credit lines established by banks from Germany, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic and other countries to finance contracts for the delivery of goods and services necessary to implement investment projects in Belarus. Owing to Bank BelVEB OJSC high standing in the international financial community, many foreign companies and organizations opt for Bank BelVEB OJSC as their guarantor bank. The Bank has become a clearing house for the majority of domestic banks in foreign exchange settlements and a key service provider for banks in CIS countries and Baltic States in Belarusian ruble payments.

Bank BelVEB OJSC holds the status of a principal member of MasterCard (since 1994) and VISA International (since 1995) and is licensed to issue plastic bank cards and provide card-related services as well as to assist other Belarusian banks in gaining access to these international payment systems.

Bank BelVEB OJSC business development strategy coupled with a meticulous on-going analysis of financial transactions enables it to promptly respond to market developments and focus its resources on the most promising lines of business. Attaining maximum customer satisfaction and providing the widest possible spectrum of services have always been and remain to be the Bank's priority goal. Bank BelVEB OJSC Supervisory and Management Boards see it their main mission to help the Bank's customers maximize their efficiency and strengthen their business capabilities and thereby contribute to the growth of the country's economic potential.